school mission

St. Attri Sen. Sec. Public School leads as a center of excellence for the education of students with learning differences. We help our students develop their intellectual, social, creative, physical and ethical potentials within a nurturing environment so they may acquire the skills and confidence to be successful in life. The School promises to enhance eminence and confidence by providing leadership qualities that helps one to support the functional breadth and technical depth required for this profession. The School  envisages bringing together the best practices that deliver quality knowledge solutions for all students society.

  • To promote academic excellence and personal, social and physical development of each student.
  • To have positive self-image, respect for others, effective communication, critical thinking and appreciation for cultural diversity in an environment that promotes a sense of belongingness.
  • To develop lifelong learners, who value themselves, contribute to their community and succeed in this changing world.
  • To provide comprehensive education for the holistic development of the individual’s personality with a human and global outlook.
  • To impart vibrant, innovative and global education.


  • To adopt the policy of making pupils do maximum written work in the school itself so that regularity is maintained and the goal of self learning is achieved.
  • To develop the skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing with the help of nursery kits in junior section and other teaching aids in the senior section.
  • To pay special attention to neatness, regularity, work schedule, extra reading, fixed timings for study and play.
  • To aid slow learners, slow workers and pupils with neglected background with remedial classes where they are prepared to cope up with the standard required.
  • To provide opportunities to students for unrestrained and free expression of thought.