salient features

  1. Hi-Tech Computer Lab: Our school has a Hi-Tech Computer Lab consisting of 15 computers. It is well-equipped and well-furnished.
  2. Hi-tech Labs : Our school has the following labs which are well-equipped and well-furnished.  1. Physics Lab., 2. Chemistry Lab., 3. Biology Lab, 4. Maths Lab..
  3. Rich Library : Our school has a rich library. There are approximately 6125 books and text books, and 40 magazines and journals are also available, along with all kinds of newspapers. There is a good quality and well-managed furniture for the students. CDs on various subjects are also accessible to the students
  4. C.C.TV. Cameras : CCTV Cameras have been installed in our school to create a secure and safe atmosphere for the students.
  5. Music & Dance: Our school has a well-equipped Music Room, with the latest musical instruments. Opportunities are given to all the students to bring out their latent talent in singing, dancing, dramatics and instrumental music.
  6. Sports : Besides having a very big playground, our school has a very good volleyball court, basket ball court and table tennis room. All the students are provided sports facilities according to their interests.
  7. Medical Helpline/First Aid Facility : Believing in the saying ‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body’, the school has a very well-delineated health programme for students. All students are checked medically by a team of specialists consisting of a dentist, an eye-specialist and a general physician.
  8. Water Coolers with Aquaguards : To save our students from the water-borne diseases, aquaguards have been installed with all the waters coolers.
  9. Canteen & Tuckshop : The school has a well-maintained canteen and tuckshop to serve the students and other staff members nutritious refreshments, school books and stationery etc.
  10. Generators : In order to solve the problem of ‘electricity cut’, three generators have been installed in the school.
  11. Transport Facility : The school has its own fleet of buses to provide transport facility to the children, on specified routes. The facility of transport is provided to the students depending upon the number of seats in the buses